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هزینه طراحی تالار
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طراحی پاویلیون آلمان
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ویژگی های دکوراسیون چوبی
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VHF Wireless Microphone suppliers
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خرید اینترنتی بلیط هواپیما ارزان قیمت
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کتاب خاطرات سفیر
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برای ثبت شرکت هلدینگ چه مواردی را باید بدانیم؟
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نحوه اجرای دیوار سبز
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طراحی سایت در شیراز
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Indoor Sheet Metal Box And Enclosure factory
۱۴-۱-۱۳۹۷, ۰۹:۵۸ صبح
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Indoor Sheet Metal Box And Enclosure factory

Our History
We have a professional engineering team with 18 years special in sheet metal field,oversea sales built in 06,own rich experience in produce and trade procedure.
Our Factory
We have a full-scale metal processing facility with 15000 m2 workshop, 150 staff to service our customers with one stop Metal Fabrication services
Our Product
sheet metal fabrication, cabinets & enclosures,network server cabinet , CNC metal stamping and cutting parts, metal box fabrication etc.
Product Application
A  Application for industrial , agriculture,food industry, medical industry ect.
Our Certificate
ISO9001,14001.  CE & RoHs
Production Equipment
CNC Punch press Machine,CNC Laser Cutting Machine,CNC Bending Machine,Carbon Dioxide Welding Machine,Pressing Rivet Machine,Spraying production line etc.
Production Market
Market for all over world, Annual sales USD5 million in 2016
Our service
Quick response to your RFQ and questions at any time. win reputation from client for never delay and good service.
                        Indoor Sheet Metal Box And Enclosure factory

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