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VHF Wireless Microphone suppliers
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Purple Paper Bags Recycled Paper Products For Paper Bag Packaging
۶-۲-۱۳۹۷, ۰۶:۰۴ صبح
ارسال: #1
Purple Paper Bags Recycled Paper Products For Paper Bag Packaging

Because we are more honest and resposible for our paper bags’ quality and clients
a: PK
b:Contrast bearing, c:paper comparison
d: Rich colors
2.Placing an order process :
Sample Procedure: Customer inquiry -- supplier quote -- customer accept quotation -- customer send artwowrk -- supplier draw the comfirmed artwork -- customer send PO to supplier for sample -- supplier send commercial invoice to customer -- customer pay sample charge -- sample ready and send
Order Procedure: Sample approved -- supplier send commercial invoice -- PO&CL approved by both parties -- customer pay 30% deposit -- supplier start mass production -- goods ready for shipment -- customer inspection goods -- customer settle balance amount -- supplier arrange shipment -- order finish -- after-sales service
3.Production Qualification of the paper bags Procedure of paper bag making
4.Our customers
5.Customers’ feedback
6.Our team work and showroom
7:latest news
Please welcome to our website http://...........
8:Contact US
Nancy / Sales Manager
Mobile/whatsApp: 86-15958936327
Company QQ: 36720281
Wechat: 36720281
Skype: nancy-yuanqun
Email: sales2@jialanpackage.com
Add:Wenhua Road,Economic Development Zone,Choujiang Street,Yiwu City.Purple Paper Bags Recycled Paper Products For Paper Bag Packaging

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