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Top Persian Lawyers
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ایمنی بالابر نفری
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عکسی جالب از نخستین گوشی نوکیا
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مرور کلی نکات طراحی وب سایت Responsive
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Persian Attorney
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Green Tea price
۲۵-۲-۱۳۹۷, ۰۸:۰۸ صبح
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Green Tea price

Shaanxi Hi-Tech Business Co., Ltd. is a new established private limited liability company, which focus on the import & export trade business. The company was incorporated in end of Jul. 2016. Company's registered office and business address in Middle Binjiang Road (the first floor of Hanzhong CFDA Bureau), Hantai district, Hanzhong city, Shaanxi Province.

Our planning is mainly domestic and international trade business for Raw Materials, Biology and Plant Extracts, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Raw Materials, Intermediates, etc.; also diversified into domestic and foreign trade business of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Water resources, Animal Husbandry, and Local Products; Self-support and Agent for all kinds of goods and technology Import and Export operations (except State’s limit and prohibition business), as well as Consultation, Agent and Service for domestic and international trade businesses.

We will make full use of the foreign trade advantages and market connections of our shareholder, make full use of local products and market resources in Hanzhong area, based on the domestic market, develop global markets such as Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, do domestic and foreign trade business; Play the first top advantages in local foreign trade of our shareholder, act well as role of mentoring, assisting and leading, contribute to local and national economic development.

We sincerely look forward to working with customers at domestic and abroad, seeking win-win and mutual development.Green Tea price

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