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Top Persian Lawyers
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بهترین وکلای ایرانی
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ایمنی بالابر نفری
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عکسی جالب از نخستین گوشی نوکیا
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مرور کلی نکات طراحی وب سایت Responsive
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Persian Attorney
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هتل هایی که در نزدیکی حرم امام رضا (ع) قرار گرفته اند .
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حمل و نقل زمینی چیست؟
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مزایای بام سبز
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وکیل ایرانی
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China Blue Blocker SF Lens manufacturers
۳۰-۵-۱۳۹۷, ۰۹:۰۷ صبح
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China Blue Blocker SF Lens manufacturers

Jiangsu Just Optics Co., LTD. was founded in 1997. It is a professional research and development manufactory of optical resin lens. Just’s annual output of resin lenses are over 20 million pairs. The main products include index 1.56 , 1.60 and 1.67 resin lens. There are more than 150,000,000 people choosing our lenses and the customers spread all over the world, even in the Dubai shopping mall, you also can buy.
"Super anti-scratch, choose Just Lenses" is our core orientation. With the competition of the market economy, Just Optics continuously promotes and makes innovation in the terms of technology research and development, technology innovation, production and quality management. Our company has gradually formed its own core competitiveness and shapes the core philosophy to let technology driven development. We launch high-tech products, such as 1.56&1.60 super anti-scratch, 1.56&1.60 crystal green, 1.56 crystal blue, 1.56 photochromic,ect. even we have imported two sets RX machine from USA which can make freeform progressive lenses. Our company has gained good reputation and respect from peers because of its excellent resistance, good optical properties and long life about the lenses’ features in the market.
So far, our company has four independent intellectual property rights and patents, including three invention patents, one utility model patent. We are famous for Super Anti-Scratch Technology. We have deeply realized the only way of good development that is continuously getting success from research and development in order to form their own competitive advantages well into the future.
As the leading manufactory in the area of resistant resin lenses, Just Optics will take the revitalization and development of optical industry as our responsibility. We will forward to working hard, and gradually form into the indispensable position among the global optical industries.China Blue Blocker SF Lens manufacturers

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