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هتل هایی که در نزدیکی حرم امام رضا (ع) قرار گرفته اند .
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Galvanized Metal Clips factory
۳۰-۵-۱۳۹۷, ۰۹:۱۳ صبح
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Galvanized Metal Clips factory

Company Profile
Henan Great Track Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the origin of Chinese civilization and the hometown of Oracle which is a world cultural heritage—Anyang City, Henan Province, which is adjacent to Anyang steel company and Handan steel company that belong to 500 strong large enterprises in China. There is transportation in all directions, rich in resources, outstanding people, which provides a unique condition for the production and development of enterprises.
Our company specializing in R&D, production and sales of railway lineaccessories as one of the enterprises and is actively involved in the formulation and improvement of the Ministry of Railway and national standards. With the profession, concentration and focus as our company's principle, and being responsible for production, our company is always on the top position of this industry. The series products include: all kinds of rail clips, gauge plate, all kinds of track spikes, rubber tie plate, Nylon plate, special switch plate, rail joint splint that weights 43 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg and tunnel segment bolt and so on. What's more, our company takes the lead in passing the standard attestation of ISO9001: 2015 International Quality System in the same industry, which is also one of the national industrial certification and authentication unit. Our products strictly implement self-check, special inspection, mutual inspection, sampling observation production process, and production process control is strict and effictive. Besides, our products are selected as superior products by the ministry of railways evaluation of sampling observation of quality supervision and inspection center for many times. We topped in national key project bidding for many times and get good results and high praise of user.
Our company has always been in line with moral quality, quality product, enterprise root, profession, faith and enterprise spirit of humanistic management theory, and adhere to the implementation of brand strategy, continuous quality improvement and beyond customer expectations of quality policy. Our company focuses on the international market, develops new products continuously, makes efforts to meet the needs of customers and provides customers with first-class products and service.
Henan Great Track Machinery Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to cooperate with you, marches forward hand in hand, achieves success in the future, contributes to the railway construction at home and abroad and makes achievements!

Business License
CompanyHenan Great Track Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Registered addressThe West Side of the Southern Section of Pingyuan Road, High-tech zone,Anyang city,Henan province
Post Code455000
Legal RepresentativeLei SixinTel+8615037221110
Company typeLimited liability company
Business License No91410500MA3XE81827
Registered capitalFive million yuan
Business scopeRailway equipments、fastener production、sales; machinery equipment and accessories、steels、electro-mechanical products、hardware sales
Quality Management System Certification ISO9001
Testing Equipment
Product Inspection Report
Contract Performance
Contact: Miss Zhang  Tel: +8617839163272  Fax: +86+3725381323
Email: henangreattrack@163.comGalvanized Metal Clips factory

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