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روش های درمان فیستول مقعدی با لیزر در کلینیک زارعی
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آهنگ های جدید محسن چاوشی و محمد علیزاده
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دریچه فن کوئل و دریچه کولر تکوک
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cheap Wood-based Laminating Press
۳۰-۵-۱۳۹۷, ۰۹:۱۶ صبح
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cheap Wood-based Laminating Press

Product Description
Multi-layer hot press laminating machine can also be  used for producing plywood, blockboard, wood veneer lamination on MDF/Chipboard, etc. Widely used in all kinds of furniture, office supplies, combination speaker, packaging exhibition and other industries. The thickness range of plywood is generally the 8-18mm, board width is generally 915-1220mm. We can design and manufacture any size according to users'requirements.

Advantages of Our Multi-layer Hot Press Laminating Machine
1. Strict controlling management of raw materials, the main frame is welded by standard steel plate.
2. Using domestic and international premium accessories and valve blocks of famous brand, greatly reducing the failure rate.
3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, never cut corners to ensure product quality.
4. High degree autonomy, accessories machinery requiring most can be machined independently through our own production, achieve excellence
5. Timely service, product quality assured.

Technical Parameters of Multilayer Laminating Hot Press

Packaging & Shipping
We will do our best for the packaging and shipping according to our customers' requirements.

Company Information
YIJIAER TECH is specialized in producing short cycle press machine."YIJIAER"is our brand."YIJIAER" hot press is widely used in wood processing,building material, decoration and other industries.
The multilayer laminating hot Presses could be applied to laminating melamine-impreganated paper in one side or both sides of particle board(chipboard), MDF, block board(ecology board) and plywood to produce furniture board, door skin, or other faced, as well as it is suitable for laminating decorative paper, wearable paper and balance paper in both sides of HDF board to produce laminate flooring.
"YIJIAER"press machine owned ultrastong closed frames and intelligent electrical control. It takes hydraulic system with larger sizes cartridge valves. Perfect detail processing and low failure rate is advantage of our product.
Your decision on "YIJIAER" hot press is the promise for mature technology and high value added products.

FAQ--Purchase Process
1. Requirements validation: We can design and produce any kind of woodworking machine according to the customer’s requirements or drawings. You can contact us by telephone or Internet. Please make sure tell us the detailed description, types and specifications of the product you need.
2. Product validation: We recommend that you come to our company to see the goods, to verify the real situation of the products, and know more about our company. If you are far away, we can take real photographs for you to meet your requirements.
3. Product prices: The price depends on the customer’s requirements and the latest steel prices .we make sure to make you be satisfied with the product price, quality and after-sales service,
4. Contract signing: If you’re satisfied with the products and our service, you can sign the contract with us, pay the deposit. Then we’ll produce the machines as soon as possible. If you are far away, we can sign the contract by fax. We will ensure the quality of the products and the accessories are complete
5. Delivery of products: when the product is ready, it can be delivered to you after your full payment. We’ll provide technical guidance.cheap Wood-based Laminating Press

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