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Diffusion Pump Fluid factory
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Diffusion Pump Fluid factory

Our History
We have a factory to product silicone oil in Hebei Province, China. It has been running for 20 years, it always lead the trend of domestic chemical industry production, and gradually build a set of an industrial chain enterprises with raw material procurement, production and sales, product optimization. In recent years, our customers are steadily increasing, the domestic factory has been unable to meet the production supply.
In order to expand the scale of the company, look at the whole world, we chose to set up a cracking plant in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2017, we invested 20 million RMB to build factories in Bangkok to ensure the quality and quantity of our products.
In the future, we are committed to becoming the world's leading chemical industry leader.
We always persist in the development of "the science and technique for advantage, the quality for survive, the reputation for development"; The core value of enterprise of "realize self and dedicate society"; The concept as "respect, integrity, cooperation, win-win". We cherish every opportunity to cooperate and create win-win situation with partners.
Since the establishment of the company, we progress our technology and improve the level of management and perfect equipment and innovative product constantly. Our company has a large number of rich practical experience of R & D personnel, advanced production equipment, precision testing instruments and strict quality management system. We've got the ISO9001 international quality system certification and all products have independent intellectual property rights. In the scale of production, our company also research and production of corresponding silica gel products according to the specific requirements of different customers as to meet customers'personalized customization.
We fervently hope that all of the domestic and international customers can further deepen the understanding of our company and products, and improve our friendship constantly. At the same time, we also express our sincere wishes to the new and old friends at home and abroad who care and support the development of the company! Let us join hands to strengthen cooperation and create a better future!
Our Factory
We product: about 3500 tons of DMC and 3000 tons of silicone oil per year;
We need: waste silicone rubber and waste silicone oil about 10000 tons per year.
Our Product
DMC, silicone oil.
Product Application
Silicone sealant、silicone rubber.
Our Certificate
One of the government cooperation projects
Waste silicone oil reducing base oil project
Cleaner production in chemical industry projects and methods
Production Equipment
5000L carbon steel cracking kettle*3;
10000LSilicone oil reactor*1
Production Market
The West, Japan and Korean.
Our Service
Pre-sale: Special consultation; Visualization of product inspection; Professional product instructions
Sale: Real - time products and logistics tracking advice
After sale: Answer product questions; Customer service
Others: Regular product introduction; Irregular offer discountsDiffusion Pump Fluid factory

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