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wall mounted cantilever cranes suppliers
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wall mounted cantilever cranes suppliers

BZ type Wall Mounted Slewing Beam Jib Crane for Warehouse
I. Brief introduction of BZ type Wall Mounted Slewing Beam Jib Crane for Warehouse
This Jib Crane is a wall mounted swing jib crane, easy to install and control, widely used in workshop.
The Wall Mounted Jib Crane doesn't require modification of the building structure and it doesn't take up much space, it allows transporting goods on a three-dimensional plane. Usually apply the wire rope hoist or chain hoist as hoisting equipment.
Application of BZ type Wall Mounted Slewing Beam Jib Crane for Warehouse:
Suited in the field of short distance and crowded space transportation, and widely used in all kinds of industries. Especially for Efficient automatic production line, the BZ type Wall mounted Slewing Beam Jib Crane become more and more necessary.
II. Specification of BZ type Wall Mounted Slewing Beam Jib Crane
* Capacity: 0.25 ~ 5 ton
* Maximum span: 6 m
* Lifting speed: 8/0.8 m/minute
* Electric hoist traveling speed: 20 m/minute
* Crane traveling speed: 20 m/minute
* Control method: Pendent line with press button or remote control or both
III. Main Specification of BX-type Wall Mounted Hoist Lifting Slewing Jib Crane
Note: Drawing for reference
Model NumberBZ0.125BZ0.25BZ0.5BZ1BZ2BZ3BZ5
Lifting Capacity(T)0.1250.250.51235
Lifting Height(m)3333333
Maximum Rotated radius L (m)3  4  5  63  4  5  63  4  5  63  4  5  63  4  5  63  4  5  63  4  5  6
Maximum Working radius R2 (m)L – 200mm
Minimum Working Radius R1 (m)11111   1.5  1.81.8
Lifting Speed (m/min)8/24/1, 10/2.55/1.25, 10/2.55/1.25, 10/1.254/148
Crossed Traveling (m/min)7, 14, 28
Rotated Speed (r/min)0.8
Rotation AngleAt will
Overall Height (m)3.6  3.75  3.8  3.853.75  3.8  3.85  3.853.85  3.9  4  44.05  4.1  4.154.25  4.4  4.454.3  4.45  4.5
4.654.6  4.9  4.9  5
Motor capacity Rotation Motor0.370.370.37  0.550.37  0.550.55  0.75  1.10.55  0.75  1.11.1
Lifting Motor0.2/0.050.2/0.05, 0.5/0.130.5/0.13, 1.0/0.251.0/0.25, 1.5/0.351.5/0.352.32.3
Drive Motor0.
IV. Packaging & Shipping
1. Electric parts and electric hoist are packed by high quality plywood crate to reduce distortion;
2. The beams are packed by plastic woven cloth to reduce abrasion when transport.
A:One set is ok.
2.Q:Can you accept payment terms?
A:T/T,L/C, Western union, Escrow, Trade assurance, Credit card, etc.
3.Q:Delivery time?
A:If in stock,1~3days;If not in stock, normal 3~10 days;
4.Q:Can you provide OEM/ODM?
A:Allowed OEM/ODM;
A:One year for the whole machine.
6.QBig Grino your products can be customized?
A:Yes,our all kinds of jib crane can be customized design according to each client's demands.
7.Q:What kinds of certificates about your products?
A:Normally,we have CE,BV,SGS,GOST certificates, of course our products make some other certificates according to our clients' specific requirements.
8.Q:What kinds of jib crane you can offer?
A:We can produce column mounted jib crane, wall mounted jib crane,wall travelling jib crane type.
If you have any question about wall mounted jib crane, you can click here: "Send inquiry".   
VI. About us
Henan Sinoko
Cranes Co., Ltd.A modern crane manufacturing enterprise, who keeps long term strategic partner relationship  with Konecrane Group SWF Company, mainly researches, designs and manufactures high level crane for advanced users.
Main ProductsLifting equipments such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, electric hoists, winches, related crane parts and accessories, especially casting cranes for steel making workshop and port yard gantry cranes.
Factory Scale2,000,000m2 factory area, over 1200+ employees, 210+sets of advanced manufacturing and testing equipments
CertificationISO9001:2000, ISO14001:1996, OHSAS18001, etc.
CultureWe Sinoko Cranes always maintains on the concept of Continuous Creation, using top level management, manufacturing top level products, and looking forward to win-win cooperation with you!
Thanks for your patience, any specification requirements, feel free to contact us. Looking forward to your inquiry.wall mounted cantilever cranes suppliers

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