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SIAMESE CAT6 CABLE manufacturers
۱۴-۶-۱۳۹۸, ۱۱:۴۲ صبح
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SIAMESE CAT6 CABLE manufacturers

Established in 2004, HUIER is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and exporter of a wide variety of cables including Alarm Cables/Security Cables/Control Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, Network Cables, CCTV Cables, Coaxial Cables (50 and 75), Telephone Cable, Speaker Cables, Optical Fiber Cables and other related cable products.
All of our products are exported worldwide and our sales network has been spread over 30 countries now.
Our major markets cover American, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil etc.
All of our production are proceeded under ISO9000 quality system & ISO14001 environment management system. We have ETL and CPR certificates for some products and all products are RoHS compliance. We own near one hundred patents, and have registered the trademark in Russia, Philippines, USA and Madrid. We have excellent cable engineers and designers who can provide intelligent building solution and technical support services for our customers.
We always focus on the quality of cables, competitiveness of the prices, prompt delivery and the excellent after-sale service and your full satisfaction is our utmost aim.
Facts and figures
● Year of Establishment: 2004
● Location: Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.
                 (about 200km from Shanghai or Ningbo)
● Area of Manufacturing Building: 25000m²
● Area of Office building: 1500 m²
● No. of Employees: 80 plus
Approvals & Certificates
ISO9001 / ETL / CPR / CE / RoHS / Reach
Established in 2013, Hangzhou Belief Import & Export Co.,Ltd. is an import and export covering the industry of cable, lighting, metal, equipment, garment etc. Welcome to contact us if you have demand for other products.
HUIER is Your Best Choice For the Better Communication!SIAMESE CAT6 CABLE manufacturers
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