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buy Indian Lace Closure
۱۴-۱-۱۳۹۷, ۱۰:۱۲ صبح
ارسال: #1
buy Indian Lace Closure

Item Type: Closure
Material: Human Hair
Lace Size: 4" x 4"
Density: 130%
Net Weight: 35g
Base Material: Swiss Lace
Color Type: Pure Color
Type: Lace Closure
Suitable Dying Colors: All Colors
Color of Lace: Light Brown
Texture: Straight
Made Method: Half Machine Made & Half Hand Tied
Can Be Permed: Yes
Human Hair Type: Indian Hair
Material Grade: Virgin Hair
Color: Natural
Can Be Dyed: Yes
Item Type: lace closure
Can be_customized: Yes
Use good hair shampoo, good hair conditioners when washing the hair,use some hair oils to make the hair soft. Dying and bleaching hairs are harmful to the hairs.
100% unprocessed Indian virgin Straight Human Hair
Q 1: Why my hair extension is different from the hair on the model head?
A: The model images displayed on our website are for reference only.
Q 2: Why my hair extension will be troubled?
A: The extension of your hair can be tangled due to dry, grease and dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine instead of daily combing (wide-toothed comb) your hair at least once a week to wash your hair at least once a week better. Use replenishment drops or consult your designer for more help.
Q 3: Why my hair extensions will fall off?
A: First of all, please gently operate with your fingers or wide teeth to prevent it from falling off. For curly hair, do not use combs. Second, wash your hair with some hair oil after washing and then the hair will silk and soft.
1. After washing your hair, take care of some hair oils and then soften your hair.
2. Choose a wide-toothed comb; gently comb it to prevent it from coming off.
Excessive heat may damage the hair.buy Indian Lace Closure

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