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طرز تهیه پایِ مکزیکی ؛ تجربه لذت آشپزی
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برندگان سومین دوره مسابقه رمضانی سایت ( عکسهای برتر + اهدای جوایز )
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وقت سفارت ایتالیا فوری
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China peeling machine
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4 pieces outdoor sofa set
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4 pieces outdoor sofa set

To meet people's requirements on outdoor furnishing,Ningbo Kaixing leisure Products  Co., ltd was found in 2008. Located in NINGBO city, it’s two hours far from shanghai and 40 minutes far from Hangzhou airport. As only 9 years passed, we keep on moving our steps through improving our quantity of products with competitive price. Now our factory which has more than 15.000 square meters. Together with an energetic management team, a creative R&D team, a scrupulous QC team and professional experienced workers, Our rattan furniture is hand-woven on a powder-coated aluminum frame to withstand the elements.kaixing  is offering products with European styles and the combination of art and taste, their appearances boast elegant, fashionable and graceful, making family's gardens, villas and recreational places more charming and fashionable. In order to give customer a better quantity, Our products are passed SGS certificate BS5852, BSEN581-1 (2006) and 2 (2009), BSEN581- 1 and 3 for UK and CTL for USA.
Based on our qualified quality, high efficiency is also one of our concerns. Therefore, our new plant with new production line can ensure that your orders will be finished in shorter lead time and also with customer-friendly prices. We are sincerely looking forward to building long and steady business relationship with customer at home and abroad. Tell us what you need. We'll make it happen. In kaixing you’ll get an excellent after service .Warmly welcome your inquiries!
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Company Information4 pieces outdoor sofa set

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