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4x2 Chassis With Cabin in stock
۲۷-۱-۱۳۹۸, ۰۴:۵۲ صبح
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4x2 Chassis With Cabin in stock

Our History:
Founded in 2002 and as authorized automobile exporter by national Ministry of Commerce, Chongqing Asia-China Automobile Sales Co., Ltd is specialized in exporting SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN heavy-duty truck, ANKAI bus, ISUZU truck, XCMG machinery, CIMC semi-trailer and related spare parts.
Our Factory:
With self-owned logistics warehouse, showroom, maintenance workshop and twelve subsidiary companies (including branch offices in Hongkong, Myanmar, Vietnam, Ghana), our sales volume has reached to 3000 units in 2017, including more than 1000 units for overseas market. And the annual sales for spare parts has surpassed 5 million US dollars. Overall our company's annual turnover has surpassed 100 million US dollars.
Product Application:
Excellent quality, flexible sales model, good after-sales service, complete spare parts supply chain have helped us to enjoy excellent reputation among our customers, and build up an impressive image in both Chinese and international automobile markets. Over past years, we have been dedicated in maintaining and developing overseas markets. Our products have been exported to around 30 countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Algeria, Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Peru, Ecuador etc. We never stop our steps to bring high quality Made-in-China products to more clients and make them benefit from these products.
We are open to different types of cooperation, and wish to be your trustworthy partner in the near future!
Production Market:
500 buses exported to Myanmar in April, 2017   
300 trailers exported to Vietnam in June, 2017
                              4x2 Chassis With Cabin in stock

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