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نمایش سایت به عنوان رتبه یک
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بهترین وکیل طلاق در مشهد - آسا وکیل
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Cpanel چیست و چرا برای مدیریت هاست مناسب است
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کسب و کار اینترنتی با وردپرس
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تابلو فلکسی
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چگونه آیفون تصویری خوب را انتخاب کنیم؟
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آشنایی با انواع آیکون های طراحی سایت
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Irregular Double Handle Torsion Springs
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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine suppliers
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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine suppliers

Wuxi Haoshuo Technology Co., Ltd. is one professional manufacturer and exporter specialized in series of power transformer manufacturing machines and equipment. Our company is located in Wuxi City Jiangsu Province, the one of the most advanced industrial area of China.
We keep up with the market and industry trend, integrate superior sources, keep innovation and developing, emphasize on offering complete range of manufacturing machines for oil immersed transformer, cast resin dry type transformer and amorphous alloy transformer, 3D wound core transformer, CT and PT, etc.Now our main products are electrical steel slitting line, transformer core cutting line, core winding machine, foil winding machine, coil winding machine, corrugated tank making machine, radiator production line, vacuum drying equipment, vacuum casting machine, transformer testing equipment, etc. Moreover we have many experienced engineers in transformer design and producing, so we can provide comprehensive technical supporting for customers. We can provide new technologies and technology supports related to transformer manufacturing as well.
We adhere to the "excellent quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery capacity, and exceptional service" goals for our company to become your ideal partner in mutually beneficial business transactions. We strive to reach frontier technology changes and better quality control, into consistently high-quality transformer machines and related accessories and services to meet our customers' demand.
Within our company, we realize the importance of the "win-win" nature of doing business between ourselves and our customers. Based on this perspective, we spare no efforts to achieve breakthroughs in technology and production, we are firmly committed to providing our customers with high-quality products, and with a consistent and reliable supply source. And we deeply know that trust is the foundation of business, we will try our best to supply the best service to our customers, we try to build and keep the good relationship to every customer.
Electricity illuminating the future! What we have been doing and what we will do is offering reliable quality machines and first class service to worldwide customers. Our goal is to be the most trustworthy supplier and partner of transformer manufacturing machines in China.Transformer Oil Filtration Machine suppliers

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