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Irregular Double Handle Torsion Springs
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China Mirror Polishing Powder
۲۷-۲-۱۳۹۸, ۱۰:۵۲ صبح
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China Mirror Polishing Powder

Brief introduction
Hunan Haozhi Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Qiyang Technology Industrial Park, Qiyang County, Yongzhou city, Hunan Province, it covers an area of 23248M2.Marketing and R&D center is located in the 9th F, Building C, Honor Region, No.9 Second section, Furong South Rd, Tianxin Dist., Changsha, China.
Based on the brand principle of “let customers to feel respect and esteem”.Haozhi concentrates himself to the R&D and production of processing materials for smart phone cover glass, LCD glass, precise optical glass , disk substrate, semiconductor materials. Haozhi is trying to become a learning technological enterprise basing on the value of “technology leading, service beyond customers’anticipation”.
Haozhi insists on the aim of “kindness to staffs, focusing on marketing, constant innovation, contributing to society”, and works hard for the prosperity of the society and the development of the national economy. Haozhi extends his sincere thanks and regards to all the friends’ help , the partners’ support and the staffs’hard working.
Company history
2005.3.3  Haozhi Rare Earth Materials Co.,Ltd. Established in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.
2007   Established 21280m2factory in Yongzhou, Hunan Province. With production capability of 2000MT/item/Year.
2008.5   International business department set up.
2009.12  Haozhi Headquarter moved to provincial capital city-Changsha.
2011.9   ISO9001:2008 Certified.
2012.6   Invited to participate in the revision of <National Rare Earth Polishing Powder Industry Standards>
2013.5   Qualified R&D facility set up.
2014.7   Officially changed name to Haozhi Technology Co.,Ltd.  
2015.3.3  10 Years Celebration
2017.6   Invested 3 new production lines, Capacity of 4000MT/Item/Year    

Hunan Haozhi Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2005, and began to export in 2008.
We have  a 23,248㎡ production base certified with ISO9001:2008.
Strong R&D team and qualified engineers, to meet any customized product requirement.
One of the world leading manufacturer and supplier of Rare earth polishing compound
Rare earth polishing powder :   4000Ton/year
Rare earth polishing slurry:  500Ton/year
Silica polishing slurry:3600 Ton/year
Zirconia polishing slurry:300Ton/year
Alumina  grinding fluid:1000Ton/year
Diamond grinding fluid: 1000Ton/year
Boron carbide grinding fluid: 800 Ton/year
Product Series:
"Chute"Series------rare earth polishing powder,rare earth polishing slurry,silica polishing slurry,zirconia polishing slurry,alumina polishing slurry,diamond polishing slurry,boron carbide polishing slurry,catalyst material,silvernano wires.
Cerium Oxide Polishing powder:LCD glass substrate,cell phone cover glass,disc substrates,precision optical glass,etc;
Slurry polishing liquid:semiconductor wafers,sapphire wafer & window, Precision hardware,mobile phone shell,etc;
Silver nanowires products:touch panels,flexible displays,thin-filmsolar cells,etc.
Main Markets:
China, South East Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, AmericaChina Mirror Polishing Powder

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